Integrated Team

The Melchor Contracting integrated team model nurtures a collaborative working partnership between all stakeholders within each project.

A Dynamic Approach

This integrated approach fosters an agile business model to align with dynamic project scopes and reduces downtime and risk apparent when managing multiple subcontractors. Our model effectively enhances value, reduces resource costs, improves quality, and delivers project goals.

Collaboration and Partnership

Melchor Contracting has over 300 highly trained and skilled professionals, and growing. To achieve safe and efficient productivity, Melchor management is experienced in bringing together both our own specialised work force and our partner’s team.

A shared roadmap

With a professional approach to addressing issues, we can provide clarification on expectations which creates a valuable sense of cohesion to motivate our joined teams.

Working at Melchor Contracting

By putting our people first we’re able to deliver high standards and pass on beneficial results to our employees and clients.