South Flank - Primary Crushers


South Flank Mining Area C,
140km NW of Newman, WA

Project Owner





10 months

Start Date


End Date


South Flank is located 156 kilometres north-west of Newman and nine kilometres south of BHP’s Mining Area C facility in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Producing 145 million tonnes of iron ore each year, it will supply global steel markets for 25 years.

Melchor Contracting were engaged to complete the concrete package of two primary crushers on the South Flank project.

The concrete package for each crusher consisted of 1900 cubic meters of concrete. Due to 12m high walls, and a 1.5m thick suspended slab at 10m from the foundation level, Melchor Contracting designed and executed complex formwork systems. Melchor Contracting was responsible for all the permanent and temporary works through supply of labour, plant and materials.

Key Features:

  • 2x primary crushers
  • 12m high walls
  • 1.5m thick suspended slab
  • Total 3,800 cubic meters of concrete